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Non-Profit Organizations in Indiana

CATT Big Buck Boot Camp

CATT Ministries Foundation and Big Buck Boot Camp is one of the non-profit organizations in Indiana. Our 501(c)(3) not for profit organization has three branches. Our God given mission is to offer a venue where youth, Veterans, the disabled and terminally ill can experience nature while enjoying a full range of outdoor sporting activities and programs. Our programs are created to emphasize sharing, wellness, learning and exploring in a context that has been carefully planned for safety, enjoyment and camaraderie. "In service, we find our greatest freedom."


We believe that all people benefit from loving service and occasional assistance in several areas of common need, including Spiritual Health, Emotional Health, Physical Health, and Material needs.  Our non-profit organizations in Indians also serve each other by sharing our experiences and our collective knowledge. Below is info on our wounded veterans charity, disadvantaged youth programs and terminally ill charity branches.


Wounded Veterans Charity

CATT Big Buck Boot Camp is a 4,300 acre Hunt Camp located on the private side of Jefferson Proving Ground South (JPGS), a former military base in Madison, Indiana.  We're not only a wounded veterans charity. Our mission is to honor our youth, both disabled and non disabled veterans, Terminally Ill and those in full time ministry by providing an unforgettable outdoor experience. Our wounded veterans charity branch mission is, "Replacing Memories for Some, Creating New Memories for All".


Disadvantaged Youth Programs

We have several disadvantaged youth programs. CATT Big Buck Boot Camp is populated with an incredible deer and turkey popluation.  This alone with our access roads and extensive management program assures multiple opportunities to see wildlife and harvest game.  The property is professionally managed for easy accessibility for all.


JPGS features 1,200 acres of tillable crop land and 2,800 acres of wooded areas set in fascinating terrain.  We accomplish our disadvantaged youth programs by proudly showcasing 125 acres of managed wildlife food lots, over 75 tree stands and shooting houses (a lot of which are handicap accessible), 30 deer and turkey feeders.


Terminally Ill Charity

We have several ways our terminally ill charity branch provides assistance. The Hunt Camp is a handicap accessible log cabin with all the modern conveniences.  The cabin will comfortably sleep 6 and is complete with a full kitchen washer, dryer and handicap accessible bathrooms and shower.  The cabin has a covered porch and fire pit for relaxing.  There is a hanging rack for dressing a deer with hot and cold water, all in a shaded setting.  Hunts for our terminally ill charity operations are fully guided and safe.  We provide everything from license, overnight accommodations, food, transport vehicles, stands, field dressing game, check in, game processing, game mounts, guns and ammo, crossbows, pictures and transportation to and from camp if needed. All of these amenities are also used for our disadvantaged youth programs and our wounded veterans charity branch. We look forward to meeting you and sharing your experience.

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Board Of Directors

Kevin L. Presnell

Roger S. Curry


Advisory Board

Tom Bingham – Director

John Bell – Marketing   

Charles Lee

Dr. Ross Nunes

Scott Stalling

Edward King

Tom Chipman

Doug Meadows

Charlie Stockstill

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