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Vocational Rehabilitation Services


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By sharing our knowledge, we help the next person in line get through their struggle more easily than we got through ours. This is why we have developed our vocational rehabilitation services emphasis on "Youth Advising Youth" and "Soldiers Advising Soldiers".

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We believe that all people benefit from loving service and occasional assistance in several areas of common need, including Spiritual Health, Emotional Health, Physical Health, and Material needs.  We serve each other in our vocational rehabilitation services by sharing our experiences and our collective knowledge. Whether you're in need of vocational training programs or a veterans rehabilitation assistance program.


Rehabilitation Programs

CATT Ministries Foundation provides resource information for veterans rehabilitation programs for our vets suffering from a variety of illnesses. Our rehabilitation programs for veterans assist with Alcoholism, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Anger, Depression and Anxiety issues are available for all our vets through one of our suggested programs.

As well as encouraging vocational training and rehabilitation programs for our veterans, CATT Ministries Foundation offers a Christian ministry help through our veterans rehabilitation assistance program. Through our vocational rehabilitation services rehabilitation programs daily worship, bible study and mentorship veterans have a variety of methods to engage and celebrate their religion and love of God. 

List of Available Vocational Rehabilitation Services and Resources:

  † Veteran Assistance
  † VA Benefits
  † Prayer List
  † Camo Bibles
  † Family Support
  † Salvation Tracts
  † Chapel Services

  † Rehabilitation Programs

  † Scripture Resources

  † Follow-up Program

  † Mentoring Program

  † Counseling Services

  † Adaptive Equipment

  † Vocational Training

  † Veteran Rehabilitation

  † Veterans Rehabilitation Assistance Program

  † Occupational Placement

  † Partnership Development



Veterans Vocational Rehabilitation

CATT Ministries Foundation (CMF) is a facet of Crusader Advanced Tactical Training that is geared toward veterans vocational rehabilitation for this country’s veterans as well as their family members. CMF offers a host of rehabilitation resources that include veterans vocational rehabilitation and educational opportunities geared toward the Veteran with limited job skills to obtain a job on the civilian market, or those that desire to re-train in a variety of relevant skill sets needed in today’s workforce. These vocational training programs degrees and certificates are accredited and recognized by employers.  CMF is dedicated to helping our Veterans seek out higher educational or technical certifications in order to re-enter or better transition into the civilian work force. We use our veterans vocational rehabilitation resource network of experts. These experts advise, assist and mentor the Veteran through the process of choosing the degree, certificate, correspondence, apprenticeship, on the job training programs or vocational flight training programs that suites them best.


Our vocational training programs experts can also assist the Veteran or family member with the paperwork to apply for VA assistance, The GI Bill, Scholarships, Pell grants, work study, Student Loans and even filling out the FAFSA. They also provide guidance throughout vocational training programs enrollment, field of study, class selection and the tutoring process. It is the goal of CMF to set our Veterans and family members up for success so they will earn the productive life they deserve. 

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