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Hunting In Indiana

Info on Big Buck Boot Camp hunting in Indiana for Indiana deer hunts, Indiana turkey hunting, guided predator hunts, upland game hunting area and waterfowl hunts.

big buck hunting

Indiana Deer Hunts

Indiana deer hunts at CATT Big Buck Boot Camp are spectacular to say the least. The high numbers of deer, excellent genetics, a great buck to doe ratio, combined with the intense quality deer management practices make for a truly, “Once in a life time opportunity”. A well thought out Indiana deer hunts cullbuck program, doe management, foodplots, minerals, game cameras, mockscrapes, strategically placed stands, and blinds along with great guides make for a world-class big buck hunting. Our Indiana deer hunts location goal for our guest is to gain an understanding of the importance of a few factors. This includes cover, nutrition, predator control, population control, game cameras, game and property management, mock scrapes, funneling as well as tree stand placement.

indiana turkey hunting lodge

Indiana Turkey Hunting

Wild Indiana turkey hunting abounds at CATT Big Buck Boot Camp. There are very few sounds in the outdoors that match the gobbling of a boss tom and this experience awaits those hunting in JPGS during the spring Indiana turkey hunting season. We enhance this experience for its challenged hunters by using electric 4x4 camouflage transport vehicles and strategically located accessible blinds. Our goal for our Indiana turkey hunting guests is to gain an understandingof the importance of the Management Plan, which includes Food Plots, Predator Control, Regulations for Hunting in Indiana, Population Control, and Managed Cover.




guided predator hunts

Guided Predator Hunts

Coyote in the Jefferson Proving Grounds are a very hardy and elusive animal. The predator control area of our management plan is implemented by offering our guest the opportunity for guided predator hunts to hunt coyotes and other predators. These guided predator hunts help stop predators that have a negative impact on our new born fawns as well as turkey and wild bird’s eggs. Crow Hunting is an ever-growing popular sport that was once a necessity for protecting crops. Our guided predator hunts goal for our guest is to gain an understanding of the importance of predator control as part of the overall game management plan for the benefit of many species.

pheasant hunting

Upland Game Hunting Area

We have some of the finest wing shooting available in the rolling hills of our southern Indiana upland game hunting area. Guests will experience a breathtaking upland game hunting area hunt. If needed we can provide a state of the art custom off road wheelchair attachment that puts a disabled hunter in front to fully view the flush and enjoy dogs handled by professional guides. Our goal for our guests hunting in Indiana is to gain an understanding of the roles of a guide and the importance of properly trained dogs and their health care, as well as the benefits of ground cover in upland game hunting and its impact on erosion control, runoff filterization, and wildlife habitat.

hunting for waterfowl in Indiana, hunting in indiana

Waterfowl Hunts

Waterfowl hunts are done through strategically placed accessible blinds as well as custom watercraft to accommodate our disabled hunters.  We convert marginal low areas by building wetland lakes for hunting in Indiana. We also create master wetland planting plans to enhance the food and cover component of lake hunting on all our lakes. Our goal for our waterfowl hunts guest is to gain and understanding of the environmental and wildlife benefits of wetlands and wetland plants, as well as the various species of waterfowl native to different parts of the country and their migration.

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